Monday, April 18, 2011

There were other words...

 So...I have to admit, I have a few personal issues.  One of these is people disrespecting others for no good reason other than to be ugly.  Another one of these is a strong distaste for women being referred to as 'bitch'.  Yet, of all my 'issues', I have the biggest problem of all with the 'N' word.  Y'all know what word I mean, and no, I won't say it because I don't, and neither do my children.  I cringe at that word. 

 My issue is, when did this shit become socially acceptable?  Not only for African people but for all people.  I don't use the word because it was never used to degrade my ancestors...there were other words but THAT wasn't one of them.  I've never been called that but my children have, my sisters and brothers have, my father has and my grandmother has.  However, I find it completely unacceptable for anyone to say and ESPECIALLY anyone who isn't African.  Why?  Because, there were other words. There were words for Original people of all backgrounds.  Degrading words.  Weak and Wicked words meant to seperate and cause pain.  These words are unacceptable.  These words are especially unacceptable when people who were never affected by them, use them.  I'm not simply referring to white folks.  I mean Indians or Puerto Ricans or Chinese peoples who refer to others or THEMSELVES by that particular word.  You never were scarred by that word, you never were branded with that word, and you don't fully understand the pain behind that word.  Also, by using that particular word, you show a lack of understanding or compassion for our brothers and sisters that have been scarred by it.  There were other words used to degrade other shades.  Use them...or better yet, use none of them.

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