Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who you calling a bitch???

Seriously...who you calling a bitch?

The word bitch, in its factual meaning refers to a female dog. Around the 14th century, it became a derogatory word for women. However, it wasn't simply calling a woman a dog, it was calling a woman a dog in heat, an overly sexual dog. Oh, and by the think the word originated in Original peoples? You're wrong, that's some white folks shit.

What concerns me, as a woman, is that we are so enraged when a man calls us a bitch yet call eachother the same on a regular. That shit ain't cool, why bother telling a man not to call you bitch when your homegirl calls you bitch and you find it endearing.

I read a debate of sorts where basically a woman found it hysterical that a man referred to Black women as 'bitches', 'hairy bitches' and all sorts of vile, vulgar, ignorant names. What was especially disturbing was that this particular woman was black!!! She was one of the lighter shades of black, yet found it hilarious for 'african' women to be called bitches. Maybe it's just me, but if the statement was 'light black women are bitches' or 'latina women are bitches' or 'Indian women are bitches', would she have felt differently? I think so.

Personally, if someone said 'Indian women are bitches', I would be pissed...however, it also highly pisses me off for someone to say 'Black women are bitches' as well. Why? Because I'm Indian, and for those that know history of Original people, I'm a shade of Black. And I'm not a dog in heat, nor am I overly aggressive or ignorant. I am strong and powerful yet I know my position in this universe and I stay in rotation accordingly. And again, I'm not a dog, I am a woman and I have many wonderful, beautiful sisters who are most definitely not that.

Why are women so hateful to eachother? Is jealousy so strong that we become savage in the sense that we constantly 'hate' what we do not possess? And just where do you think that hate comes from to begin with? We are meant to love eachother, uplift and support eachother. Women, stop degrading one another. Stop hating eachother. We are all beautiful, all wonderful, and (unless you are somehow incomplete within self) perfect as well...just as we are.

So, for real...Who you calling a bitch? Your sisters? Your friends? Your Earth? Your mama? Do you call her a bitch to her face or say it behind her back? Are you, yourself, a bitch?

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