Monday, May 9, 2011

The (e)X Factor


I was thinking today about acceptance.  Not just accepting others, or situations but accepting your self.  As you are, as a work in progress.  While pondering how difficult it is to love self, while being able to love so many others, I started thinking about the 'exes' in my life.  Ex-friend, ex-lover, ex-significant other, ex-ally, ex-associates, etc. 

What I started to realize is that I hate the term 'ex'.  I hate it because it makes it seem as if those people who are no longer in your life, are insignificant.  Like they never mattered.  It simply isn't true. 

The process of being Born takes time, and in that time we go through many changes.  We transition in stages and all of those 'exes' are important in this process.  We grow from others, we learn from others and we become who we are by the seasons we endure throughout our lifetime.  And sometimes, in order for a door to be open to the greatest, the latest has to leave it open on the way out.

I'm not big on having regrets in life, I feel like I have learned a great deal from the people who are no longer in my life.  I am better because of them and willfully, they are better as well.  The pain is intense when you lose someone you care for, yet that pain has a birth record.  And a death record.  The love is infinite and eternal.  The pain fades.  So although I have lost many (friends, significant others, lovers, family) in my life, I do not mourn for them because love doesn't mean unhappiness.  It remains with you and you are allowed to keep it as long as you like.  You are able to take that infinite, eternal energy and use it to your advantage.  You are able to BE whatever you want because of it...


Is Love so fragile?

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