Monday, November 15, 2010

Grape Dumplings...Yummy!!!

My computer has gone on the fritz...I intended to post this days ago and have been unable...I blame it entirely on the electronic device as it could not possibly be the operator of said device.
At any rate, this is a pretty yummy recipe and one you can make any time of the year

First you need to make the grape juice:
Boil 1 gallon possum grapes using just enough water to cover for 20 minutes- don't know what possum grapes are? Look it up! I however, use muscadines, I like them better. Strain through cheesecloth. You may use turbinado to sweeten and if you choose to do so, I would do it while the juice is hot.
You could cheat and use grape juice in a bottle yet it's not as fun and not nearly as good.

Now, knead plain flour(about 5 cups) and some grape juice(about 1 cup) as you would when making bread dough.  Roll this out very thing on a floured dough board and cut into strips.  Drop the strips into boiling grape juice.

Let cool and eat!!! 


p.s. this recipe is a 'treat' and should be eaten in moderation

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