Thursday, February 9, 2012

29 days of Black poets - C'BS ALife Allah

Sound of Indigo
By C'BS ALife Allah

contralto moan of mahogany mud madonnas
brown sugar Guadalupean virgins
chunky incense thawing soft hum
midnight mass hymns

police horns sprinkled with sleet
stellar squeak of stars in bloom
decapitated presidents' silver sliver ting
Miles' horn bleating

delicate waters roar tumbling from faucet
chalk scratch of saliva tears
molasses heavy ooze ohm drone
A mother's lamentation

warm worn palm sizzle
coarse binary urban I-Ching chime
bones crack rumble against brownstone
dice scratching over the concrete

cartoon road runner's whir
pudgy footfalls drumming on hardwood floors
silly muffled Adobo snores
A 4 year old asking me to be his daddy

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