Monday, April 25, 2011

Why does the devil call our people African?


So...I awoke this morning in the same state I fell to rest last night...anxious, upset, torn, heartbroken and angry.  As I write this, I know there was no planning behind what I want to say, what I'm going to say.  This is just me, raw and exposed.  All emotions included.  I'm not ashamed of my emotions, nor do I fear them.  I embrace and celebrate them and know that they are what makes me who and what I am.  And NO ONE knows me, better than me.

All I could think of today was Why does the devil call our people African?  And we're all familiar with the degree, the answer is already there.  The last line though is what I focus on...He wants to make us think that we are all different.  Let me repeat that, He wants to make us think that we are all different.  But...WHY?  It's obvious right, old strategy, divide and conquer.  Yet, who made the devil?  An Original man.  And he discovered certain sciences yet he did not create them.  There is nothing new under the sun, so disatisfaction is not new either...right?  And he was not the father of science but simply a scientist. 

So, that leads me to where I'm really taking this...why the fuck are we as righteous, civilized people calling our own people Africans?  Or Indians?  Or whatever?  Why are we playing into Yacub's world manifest instead of Allah's world manifest?  Recently, I felt the heat of a thousand suns as I watched people who called themselves my family attempt to seperate me and scrutinize me because of ONE reason...the shade of my skin.  Wow!  That's how we get down?  Forget the fact that I resurrected the seed ciphers in this cipher, forget that I have fed and loved and mothered and nurtured.  Forget that I've done all this out of love for my nation.  Fuck all that right?  Because some devilish ass people still wanna call our people by any name that causes division.  And for what?  The Earth spins at 1037 1/3 miles per hour and DOES NOT STOP, I will not be removed from my square and truth can NEVER be concealed, so what exactly was this going to accomplish?  Nothing.

I have learned that people put into positions of power who are neither qualified nor righteous will do what Yacub intended for them to do, cause trouble amongst the righteous.  By any means necessary they will attempt to cage the freedom of those who refuse to buy into their system of devilishment OR for those they are jealous of or simply do not like.  But mostly for those that know the truth.  In the name of Righteousness... That's not righteousness.  That's someone who wants fame and glory for doing absolutely nothing.  I mean, they wouldn't even go get their own people if they knew they were lost so of course they promote division.  Is it because they are blind, deaf and dumb?  Nah...I really don't think so.  I think their vision is crystal clear, I just think they belong to a double digit percentage.

At any rate, despite all that, I am who I say I am.  Always have been.  And there's no one who can take my SELF from me.  If you want to know about me, ask me.  You wonder why I'm so light, ask me.  I don't fear questions, I'll gladly build with you because I'm proud of who I am.  And I have nothing to gain from lying, I deal in righteousness because I am a mother, I want the best for my babies and the best is for me to set an example of positivity and of truth.  Don't ask about me because you're still dealing in that self hate, color struck nonsense.  Leave that for the dead world.  We are not savages in pursuit of happiness so don't attempt to take anyone's happiness to ensure your own.  Learn to love yourself. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

There were other words...

 So...I have to admit, I have a few personal issues.  One of these is people disrespecting others for no good reason other than to be ugly.  Another one of these is a strong distaste for women being referred to as 'bitch'.  Yet, of all my 'issues', I have the biggest problem of all with the 'N' word.  Y'all know what word I mean, and no, I won't say it because I don't, and neither do my children.  I cringe at that word. 

 My issue is, when did this shit become socially acceptable?  Not only for African people but for all people.  I don't use the word because it was never used to degrade my ancestors...there were other words but THAT wasn't one of them.  I've never been called that but my children have, my sisters and brothers have, my father has and my grandmother has.  However, I find it completely unacceptable for anyone to say and ESPECIALLY anyone who isn't African.  Why?  Because, there were other words. There were words for Original people of all backgrounds.  Degrading words.  Weak and Wicked words meant to seperate and cause pain.  These words are unacceptable.  These words are especially unacceptable when people who were never affected by them, use them.  I'm not simply referring to white folks.  I mean Indians or Puerto Ricans or Chinese peoples who refer to others or THEMSELVES by that particular word.  You never were scarred by that word, you never were branded with that word, and you don't fully understand the pain behind that word.  Also, by using that particular word, you show a lack of understanding or compassion for our brothers and sisters that have been scarred by it.  There were other words used to degrade other shades.  Use them...or better yet, use none of them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who you calling a bitch???

Seriously...who you calling a bitch?

The word bitch, in its factual meaning refers to a female dog. Around the 14th century, it became a derogatory word for women. However, it wasn't simply calling a woman a dog, it was calling a woman a dog in heat, an overly sexual dog. Oh, and by the think the word originated in Original peoples? You're wrong, that's some white folks shit.

What concerns me, as a woman, is that we are so enraged when a man calls us a bitch yet call eachother the same on a regular. That shit ain't cool, why bother telling a man not to call you bitch when your homegirl calls you bitch and you find it endearing.

I read a debate of sorts where basically a woman found it hysterical that a man referred to Black women as 'bitches', 'hairy bitches' and all sorts of vile, vulgar, ignorant names. What was especially disturbing was that this particular woman was black!!! She was one of the lighter shades of black, yet found it hilarious for 'african' women to be called bitches. Maybe it's just me, but if the statement was 'light black women are bitches' or 'latina women are bitches' or 'Indian women are bitches', would she have felt differently? I think so.

Personally, if someone said 'Indian women are bitches', I would be pissed...however, it also highly pisses me off for someone to say 'Black women are bitches' as well. Why? Because I'm Indian, and for those that know history of Original people, I'm a shade of Black. And I'm not a dog in heat, nor am I overly aggressive or ignorant. I am strong and powerful yet I know my position in this universe and I stay in rotation accordingly. And again, I'm not a dog, I am a woman and I have many wonderful, beautiful sisters who are most definitely not that.

Why are women so hateful to eachother? Is jealousy so strong that we become savage in the sense that we constantly 'hate' what we do not possess? And just where do you think that hate comes from to begin with? We are meant to love eachother, uplift and support eachother. Women, stop degrading one another. Stop hating eachother. We are all beautiful, all wonderful, and (unless you are somehow incomplete within self) perfect as well...just as we are.

So, for real...Who you calling a bitch? Your sisters? Your friends? Your Earth? Your mama? Do you call her a bitch to her face or say it behind her back? Are you, yourself, a bitch?