Thursday, June 21, 2012

Medicine wheels

Peace y'all,
I had some time alone today and absolutely NOTHING to do (shocking right?) so I meditated on my back deck after drinking one of my juices, realizing that we heal, I got my behind up, collected some stones and built a medicine wheel in my yard. Y'all can take the best part, yet this has been done for too long to document, and has benefits to me. Medicine wheels are different for different people, they can be constructed with many numbers of stones...I use the 36 stone method because it's what my papi taught me and I'm comfortable with it. There is something about focus and determination that calms my spirit, the universe is a beautiful place and I use this also as a model of that. At any rate, the method I use is as follows, let me know if you try it and if you got anything positive from it or were just lugging rocks around ;)

1. The Center Stone is the 'Many worlds' stone that contains the essential person - the deepest inner soul. Some post-European descriptions of this stone refer to it as 'The Creator' stone, a concept born out of the notion of a Supreme Being which was imposed by Christianity on the belief systems of many First Nations. I do not build mine in a way that aligns with the imposition of Christianity. This stone can also be called the Cosmos or Universe Stone.

2-5. Four Directions Stones: East (Teacher), South (Healer), West (Visionary), North (Warrior).

6-12. Seven stones surround the Centre stone, and stand for: Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, Star Nation, Other Worlds (Planets), Wolf Road (Milky Way).

Two stones are placed between each Direction on the outer perimeter of the circle which will compose 13-20.
13-14. Northeast: Earth Crawlers, Flying Beings
15-16. Southeast: Rooted Beings, Earth Walkers (4 leggeds)
17-18. Southwest: Ancestors, Stone Beings
19-20. Northwest: Rainbow Spirits, Water Beings

Four stones between each direction and the Universe stone, with the "Element" stone closest to the Direction stone compose 21-36.
21-24. East: Air, Illumination, Wisdom, Clarity
25-28. South: Earth, Spirit, Trust, Love, Growth
29-32. West: Fire, Emotions, Dreams, Experience, Introspection
33-36. North: Water, Body, Physical Cleansing, Purity, Renewal

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