Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magnetic Fields

What attracts us to other people? I have a friend that absolutely radiates an aura of peace, so much so that it seems he doesn't give a damn about anybody because he is at peace with everything and everything he needs is within him. Yet, that isn't the ENTIRE truth...I think perhaps he simply knows his own limits and respects himself enough to stay within them. What attracts us to other people is seeing something in them, that we admire, that we want to possess or be...I see him and I want peace...I long for his shelter and protection, because stability is a major indication of my level of happiness.  I see him as peace. 

Attraction is a beautiful thing, it gives us a glimpse into what we want for ourselves, but what repels us? I do think that at times, the things that repel us from others, are qualities in our self that we don't like or want to change but haven't quite figured out how. 

So...what makes us stop flipping poles like mars and get into a homeostatic state that shows and proves our equality? What seeds we plant determines what will grow...but it isn't that simple. It also has to be taken into account where those seeds are planted, the nutrients in the soil, how much sun shines on the land. Just wanting something doesn't make it so.  It takes a LOT of work and discipline. Sometimes it takes some major introspection and humbling of your self and the realization that sometimes you are gonna fuck up a little bit.  I tend to overextend myself in certain areas of my life and what ends up happening, is I lose balance. However, I'm learning that I must respect myself enough to stay within my comfort
zone so that my axial tilt remains stable.  I must maintain what I want by being what it is I want. Until I learn more, that's all I have to go on...sometimes I figure things out as I go along. I just have to maintain a healthy reality at the same time because sometimes in life, we see the most glorious, beautiful possibilities all around us when in fact, everything is located within self.