Sunday, January 1, 2012

Utterly useless information...

So...a girlfriend of mine did the perfect imperfections video like a lifetime ago and wanted me to join in...I don't do videos but, I've kept my word Khalia! I listed a bunch of random info that could possibly entertain some folks. Lol.

The stairs in my kitchen creep me out, every time I walk down them, I think I will fall...I have never fell down them

The only days I attended school were when I had games/pep rally's/practice for either cheer leading, dance or track...I still kept straight a's

I always wanted brown eyes

I don't like chocolate, cloves or cilantro...sometimes even the smell of those things sickens me

I have the most perfect ears I have ever seen

I've never attempted anything that I was unable to eventually learn. It has taken a mighty long time for a few things though. 

My daughter thinks I'm crazy, she says that I have to be clean ALL the time. She's right. 

There's only one person that I talk to every single day no matter what, other than my babies

My siblings are fuck ups. I love them anyway. 

I have a genius IQ and it's absolutely useless. Sometimes I forget how to tie my shoes or where I'm going. 

I have a LOT of shoes. My dream man would build me a closet big enough to house them all neatly. And an enormous bathroom. And a chefs kitchen while he's at it. Shouldn't be too hard to find a man like that huh?

I enjoy cleaning.  Like, really enjoy it. I also enjoy doing laundry and cooking for my family. It makes me feel good. 

I have more books than shoes. I have so many books, I really don't have room for them. We have a bond, my books and I, it's hard to let them go. I've read all of them, at least once

I grind my teeth so bad in my sleep, that when I wake up, my jaw is stuck

When I'm dealing with emotional stuff...I cut my hair

Really long fingernails gross me out

My papi ran over my right knee when I was making mudpies in the driveway when I was little. That leg is slightly shorter. 

The man that I call 'papi' was actually my uncle, he raised me until he passed when I was 10 and I loved him with every ounce of my being. I still do. I miss him every day. I've only loved one person other than my children like that. 

I sleep with a pillow & blanket over my head...and I still can't stand for a foot or arm to be hanging off the bed. Lol. 

Sometimes, I get into moods where I don't want to talk to anyone for days. Or hear them talk. I just want silence & space to breathe.  

I get emotional when I'm tired, hungry or over stimulated. Both of my children are the same. 

My children are the most amazing people I've known. They make me want to be a better person. 

I like myself a lot more at 31 than I did at 21

Men that know how to spell are hot, men that are intelligent are hot, men that behave like MEN are least in my opinion

I have a serious phobia of holes or repetitive patterns. I don't know why but they make my skin crawl.

I love cherries, mango, avocados, jalapeƱos & pineapple. I could live off of these.

I smell good. Always.

I twirl my hair a lot...I've realized that no matter how intelligent the words are that are coming out of my mouth, I look really dumb when I do this. I do it anyway. It isn't purposely but I'd rather people think I'm dumb and be surprised.

I'm always cold

I don't care for limitations, rules or anything that hinders freedom

I do not like for anyone to touch my face or my wrists

I have a beautiful mind, and great legs too

I love hard and I'm hard to love

There were a few times in my life that I felt completely broken...I wasn't. 

I play multiple instruments

I sing in the shower VERY loudly, I also sing and dance while I'm getting ready...actually, I sing all the time. Badly. 

I don't like driving

I can't see well in the dark

I remember everything...even when I don't want to

I love myself & like who I am

I love my children most, everyone else is secondary

I am selfish with my time, space & energy

I am incredibly generous with my money & love