Saturday, July 14, 2012


Feeling a certain way, I might cry
Remember the night the earth cried?
Too much love is non existent 
No more than understanding is limited 
It was never our fault, I blame my father
What these broken men do to our daughters
And brothers and sisters and friends
I'm not so sure it has an end
Could be like Islam and go on forever
From never, and never doesn't exist
Except to fulfill some human need for a mystery
While on your knees, begging forgiveness for your obscenities
If love was enough, we'd all make it out 
But there's too many lies, mirages and self doubt
Educations focus on war instead of science
Lost an ear, a child and my mind to the violence 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cultural resources

Peace y'all
I was asked for resources in regards to the pan indigenous cultures in the wilderness of N.America, so following is a list of books that you could check out.
Also, you can visit these sites:

I don't have websites for other nations, only my own. The book list covers many though.
At any rate, have fun exploring <3

Easy to Use Cherokee Dictionary
by Prentice Robinson
pub. Cherokee Language and Culture

Cherokee English Dictionary
by Durbin Felings
pub. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Beginning Cherokee
by Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith
pub. University of Oklahoma Press

Cherokee Words With Pictures
by Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey

How to Talk Trash in Cherokee
Cherokee by John Oocumma
English by Don Grooms

Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story : A Collection of Cherokee Legends & Tales
by Mary R. Galloway, and Mary U. Chiltoskey

Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society

The Cherokee Past and Present
by J. Ed. Sharpe

Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears adapted by Thomas Bryan Underwood,

Story of the Cherokee People
by Tom B. Underwood

Cherokee Connections: An introduction to genealogical sources pertaining to Cherokee ancestors
by Myra Vanderpool Gormley

The Cherokees, a Critical Bibliography
by Raymond D. Fogelson

Mankiller : A Chief and Her People
by Wilma Pearl Mankiller, 1945- with Michael Wallis
(for the record, I am NOT a fan of Mankiller but take the best part)

Walking the Trail: One Man's Journey Along the Trail of Cherokee Tears
By Jerry Ellis

Cherokee Sunset : A Nation Betrayed
by Samuel Carter III

Cherokee Roots, Volume 1: Eastern...
by Bob Blankenship

Cherokee Roots, Volume 2: Western...
by Bob Blankenship

The Spirit of Native America: Beauty and Mysticism in American Indian Art
by Anna Lee Walters

Dancing Colors: Paths of Native American Women

Becoming Brave: The Path to Native American Manhood
Laine Thom (compiler)

Dolls and Toys of Native America; A Journey Through Childhood

In the Spirit of Mother Earth : Nature in Native American Art

And Still the Waters Run
by Angie DeBebo

Fire and the Spirits: Cherokee Law from Clan to Court
by Richard Strickland

Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation
by John Ehle

James Mooney's History, Myths and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee
by James Mooney

How Rabbit Tricked Otter (and other Cherokee Trickster Stories)
by Gayle Ross; Illustrated by Murv Jacob.

The Cherokee People
by Thomas E. Mails

Myths of the Cherokee
by James Mooney

Living Stories of the Cherokee
collected and edited by Barbara R. Duncan

Walking on the Wind : Cherokee Teachings for Healing Through Harmony and Balance
by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett

Medicine of the Cherokee (Way of Right Relationship)
by J.T. Garrett and Michael Garrett

Strong Hearts : Native American Visions and Voices

American Indians: The Lost Field Notes Franklin R. Johston

Native Americans in Early Photographs
by Tom Robotham

Edward S. Curtis (American Art)
by Barry Pritzker

Wisdom's Daughters : Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
by Steve Wall

Honor Dance : Native American Photographs
by John Running

The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork
by Joel Monture

Indian Bead Weaving Patterns
by Horace R. Goodhue

Indian Designs for Jewelry and Other Arts and Crafts
by Connie Asch

North American Indian Design Coloring Book
Rendered for coloring by Paul E. Kennedy